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Control your products from content tagging, making your clients in your line combating against counterfeiting

autentico nfc

Protection of your products against counterfeiting and black market

autentico nfc

The ideal solution to avoid counterfeiting and parallel market in enogastronomic sector and luxury fashion products

  • Every NFC Tag is unique
  • Instantly authenticity verification
  • Avoiding counterfeiting
  • It’s save and satisfies the customer
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  • autentico nfc
    • Applying the RfId label is just the beginning

      RfId and NFC technologies allow you to achieve efficient results, both in logistics and in counterfeiting matters, but using only electronic labels is not enough


      autentico team offers the best software solutions to satisfy our clients and protect your products

      Claudio Lai

      Diego Lai

      Paolo Scirè
      Project Manager


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